Are we missing something here …??

Just down the road from where I live, there is a large billboard in black and white, explaining that 621 drink drivers have been caught on our local roads, since 1 November last year. Since it is nearly the end of March, it spans roughly 150 days. Then, when we drove past today, a red and white banner has been affixed across the bottom proudly declaring that some 45,000 drivers had to be stopped and breathalysed to achieve this stunning result. Ummm pardon me?  Now lets see …. that makes it one in every 98 point something-or-other drivers pulled up for testing, who are offending against our drink driving laws, or if you want to be really scientific about it, a strike rate of about 1.3%.  I don’t know about you, but if my results were this bad, I don’t think I’d be crowing about it, would you?

For goodness sake, HOW MUCH IS THIS COSTING? Roughly 4 offenders a day in an area (hard to define the scope from their sign) of say 50,000 population? And dont forget, lumped into this period is the whole of the Christmas/summer break when the local population can rise to 120,000-plus not to mention the rise in alcohol consumption over the party/holiday season.

I wonder what their average is over the rest of the year? All that fancy technology at their fingertips and the best they can do is to restrict the freedom of the 98% who are our law-abiding drivers, to catch 2 actual offenders if they’re lucky?


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