NZ Election Prediction 2008

Okay, here goes. My foray into the political seerscape.

The polls a few weeks ago, (and I don’t keep up with them – just happened to hear this), show John Key well ahead of Helen Clark as preferred Prime Minister, and Labour generally lagging behind National overall. It all looks to be swinging National’s way.

Well, I’m going to go against the tide and predict a win for Helen Clark and the current Labour Government. This is coming from a National supporter you realize. I don’t mind declaring myself up front here. I am no unbiassed political commentator. Pretty much right wing, through and through.

My reasoning though, stems from two things, and one thing most of all. Helen Clark is the only master political strategist I can see on this horizon. And even if I don’t like her party or her socialist agenda, I do admire her. She’s got guts and stands her ground when it matters to her – the Waitangi celebrations are an example of this. A further example, and one of the few things I have ever supported this government over, is not sucking up to George Bush and joining America’s illegal war in Iraq like John Howard did.

At the end of the day, John Key is still a bit of a novice, and she is endowed with a political sixth sense that hasn’t been seen in this country I believe, since Rob Muldoon held the reins of power over an extended period of time, as she has. Winston Peters may be an exception in terms of reading the public mind, but National doesn’t have a leader or even a senior member from what I’ve seen so far, of her stature and sheer political instinct.


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