Sceptics and Homeopathics

On the news a couple of weeks back was an item where they filmed coverage of a group of Sceptics “o-d-ing” on Homeopathic potions and pills. Their aim was to prove that the remedies they swallowed were no more use than a glass of water. (FYI – a glass of water is often a very useful remedy in itself as many a headache sufferer could attest).

In the filmed item they were cramming handfuls of tiny white pills into their mouths and “chowing down” in order to prove how inefficacious they believed the remedies to be.

What struck me though, through this whole item, is that no one appeared to pick up on the glaring omission. And that is, that not one of them, would have dared do the same with standard prescription or OTC meds, like Paracetamol for instance.

Whatever conclusions one may draw about the effectiveness or otherwise of homeopathic medicines, they are clearly very much safer than their allopathic counterparts. Very few people to my knowledge have died of homeopathic adverse reactions, if any at all. So in an odd sort of way, the sceptics provided good advertising for the homeopathic practitioners, by highlighting by default, the unsafe nature of common medications.


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